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Women's Wrestling

Austin Theory
Nickname(s)- The Unproven One

Height- 6'1''

Weight- 220 lbs

Home Town- Atlanta, GA

Pro Debut- May 2016

FSPW Debut- Sep 4, 2016

Trained by- AR Fox

Signature Move(s)- Shooter

Finishing Move(s)- The Unproven Cutter

Championship(s)- Fire Star Pro Wrestling Championship (2)
Former WWA4 Heavyweight Champion
Austin Theory is ready for action!
New FSPW Champion, Austin Theory!
The Unproven One, Austin Theory may be one of the most fastest rising young stars that the professional wrestling world has ever seen in recent memory, within less of a year of his professional wrestling debut, he has wrestled and gained an honorable reputation in multiple states, has been offered a contract by major professional wrestling organization- EVOLVE; which FLOslam TV naming Austin Theory, The 19-year old Wrestling Phenom! And at that age, Austin Theory has become the youngest Fire Star Pro Wrestling Champion ever! Austin gives a lot of credit to his trainer AR Fox an international superstar who is also considered to be one of the best wrestlers in the world. 
    Austin made his FSPW debut on September 4, 2016 at Fire Star Professional Wrestling's biggest event, WrestleRevival IV which was held in Greensboro, NC in front of 300+ attendees where due to an impromptu change in the order of the card by Rob Killjoy, Austin Theory vs. AC Mack was headlined Main Event of FSPW WrestleRevival IV. FSPW officials were so impressed with Austin's performance at WR4, that he was contacted to main event once again at Holiday Slam 2016 against Cam Carter and Chip Day in a Triple Threat contest for the FSPW Southeastern Championship. 
    On March 12, 2017, history was made at Path to Glory as Austin Theory won the first ever GLORY Battle Royal, going on to the main event to defeat James Ryan, becoming the youngest Fire Star Pro Wrestling Champion ever! Austin Theory has done a lot in his young career thus far but story of The Unproven Theory has just begun, as Austin Theory still having many goals to reach in professional wrestling, one of those goals being WWE.

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