Training School

Blanco Loco
Nickname- "The Sultan of The Sky"

Height- 5’11"

Weight- 190 lbs

Home town- Mexico, NY

Pro Debut- 2008

Trained by- Afa The Wild Samoan & Matt Sydal 

Signature move(s)- Obliviate 

Finishing Move(s)- Cataclysmic Event 

Allied with- Dream Girl Ellie (International Superstars)

Blanco Loco is one of the most innovative professional wrestlers in the Southeast, but along with Dreamgirl Ellie, he is internationally traveled, internationally recognized as the Sultan of the Sky. If you are a fan of anime, or super heros, you would definitely enjoy watching Blanco Loco in action! Not to mention his creative humor level is over 9000!

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