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FSPW Presents: A Fight on Medley st. Juanita Cauthen Appreciation Event!
FireStar Pro Wrestling Presents: A Fight on Medley Street "The Juanita Cauthen Appreciation Day Event" 10/22/17 
Juanita (Doosie) Cauthen of Greensboro, NC is a strong wonderful loving single mother of two, & Stage 4 cancer fighter. Juanita is a survivor of stage 3 Breast cancer and rung the bell to being cancer free on March 8th 2016. But sadly one year later her cancer returned stong at Stage 4 cancer which has spread to her spine, pelvic bone, femur and liver as well. 
Juanita is known to the FSPW Community as Zone1 Platinum Champion TDT's biological mother being his greatest supporter and a strong supporter of our organization & training school. 
Juanita introduced and served to the FSPW fanbase on multiple occasions, the best homemade cooking which we've all enjoyed such as Grandma's Famous Peach Cobbler! The Juanita Cauthen Appreciation Day Event was created to give back in acknowledgement to a wonderful woman who has shown God's love not only to her family and loved ones, but to the FSPW Family as well.

Match 1- Singles Match
Boss Hogg vs. Zion Volante
Winner- Boss Hogg Via Pinfall (Video)

Match 2- Singles Match
Griff Garrison vs. Big Bite Martinez
Winner- Big Bite Martinez Via DQ (Video)

Match 3- 6 man Tag Team Match
Semi Mutima, Deget Bundlez & Will Huckaby vs. Eli Reid, Dave Saunders, & The Fear
Winners- Mutima, Bundlez, & Huckaby Via Pinfall (Video)

Match 4- Singles Match
Captain Blacka Merica vs. Trey Evers
Winner- Captain Blacka Merica Via Pinfall (Video)

Match 5- Champion Vs Champion (Non title Match)
Marcus Kross vs. Cam Carter
Match Result in No Contest due to Double Count out (Video)

Main Event- Zone1 Platinum Championship Match
Singles Match
OMG James Ryan vs. TDT (c)
Winner- TDT Via Pinfall (Video)