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FSPW Presents: Holiday Slam 2014 | Boys & Girls Club Greensboro, NC
Sunday December 7th, 2014
Wrestlers in Action- Chris Lea, JJD, Marcellus King, Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude, LaBron Kozone, Chet Sterling, The Mac, Gabriel Croft, Ric Converse & Many More!

1st Match
Singles Contest
Rob Killjoy vs. Gabriel Croft
Winner- Gabriel Croft

2nd Match
Inter-promotional Tag Team Match
FSPW J2K vs. UIW AirTyme Rockers
Winners- AirTyme Rockers

3rd Match
Singles Contest
Nick Richards vs. Timmy Lou Retton
Winner- Nick Richards

4th Match
NWA Continental Championship Contest
Will Huckaby (c) vs. The Mac
Winner- Will Huckaby

5th Match
Featured Singles Action
Joe Black w/Nick D vs. Ric Converse
Winner- Ric Converse

6th Match
Singles Contest
Chet Sterling vs. Lance Lude
Winner- Lance Lude

Main Event
Impromptu Replacement Match
Chris Lea vs. Marcellus King
Winner- No Contest
-Rob Killjoy makes his FSPW debut
-J2K and Chet Sterling's losing streaks continue
-The Mac debuts in FSPW
-Scrapyard Dog calls out sick and Marcellus to replace him
-The Kamakazi Kid returns to Wrestling!