Training School
Women's Wrestling

Joe Joe Dancer
Nickname- JJD

Height- 6'3"

Weight- 201 lbs

Hometown- Midway Park, NC

FSPW Debut- August 25, 2013

Trained By- Rick Garret, Pat Tanaka

Team- Panic Attack

Finisher- Super Kick

Allied with- Jak Tatum
JJD with his girlfriend Savannah
JJD representing the X-Crew
JJD #TopFlight to Nick Richards & The Tommy Thomas
JJD backdrop Nick RIchards on the floor.
JJD is a fan favorite in Fire Star Pro Wrestling with his unorthodox style of wrestling, he is a highflyer with a powerful impact due to his 6 foot plus structure. Not only is JJD a wrestler, but he is a dancer fresh from the streets of Midway Park, NC. JJD made his FSPW Debut against Nick Richards on August 25th, 2013 as FSPW Presented Supremacy 2013. Even though JJD lost against Richards, he did not show losing effort during the competition, showing his heart for the sport and that he will put his body on the line through the air. JJD with the uproaring demand of the FireStar fans earned him a full time contract to Fire Star Pro Wrestling, LLC on October 13th, 2013 as he faced Trevor Lee in Greensboro, NC. Throughout 2014, JJD teamed with his best friend LaBron Kozone and formed the team known as J2K, unfortunately all of their matches have resulted in a losing effort. This frustration would lead to what we thought would be Kozone ending the partnership between the two, but instead it was JJD who turned his back on his long time friend LaBron Kozone under the influence of his new girlfriend Savannah.

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