Training School
Women's Wrestling

The Kamakazi Kid
Nickname- Kazi

Height- 5"9"


Home Town- Salem, VA

Pro Debut- 2000

FSPW Debut- March 3rd, 2013

Trained By- Shawn Christian, Jeff Rudd

Signature Moves- DVD, and 50 Shades of K (Senton while opponent is hanging on the top rope)

Finishing Move- Frog Splash

FSPW Championships: FSPW Path to Glory Contract 2013, FSPW Heavyweight Championship (1)
The Kamakazi Kid goes for the top rope Frog Slash in the Kazi Rules Hardcore Match against The Scrapyard Dog in Greensboro at FSPW Presents Supremacy 2013!
The first ever FSPW Champion!
The Kamakazi Kid enters the ring for the Kazi Rules Hardcore Match against The Scrapyard Dog in Greensboro at FSPW Presents Supremacy 2013!
The Kamakazi Kid taking a leap into the ring at FSPW Presents Retribution 2013
Fire Star Pro Wrestling brings to you one of the most exciting, entertaining, and daring wrestlers in the WORLD, and his name is The Kamakazi Kid! With over ten years of professional experience in this sport he is the leader of the FSPW locker room and one of the most respected wrestlers in the Mid Atlantic region. What started from a promise to his deceased father became his drive and addiction, which led him to success as a Champion and Professional Wrestler. The Kamakazi Kid rose to the top of the FSPW food chain on July 7th, 2013 as FSPW Presented: The Path to Glory Tournament 2013 in Greensboro NC when he with the help of his time stopping remote outlasted 3 of the best wrestlers in the Mid Atlantic Region, Marcellus King, followed by Andrew Everett via pin then defeated Trevor Lee by pin after being attacked right before the match by The Scrapyard Dog with a steel chain to become the first ever FSPW Champion. One month later Kamakazi Kid proved his resiliency without his time stopping remote against The Scrapyard Dog in a Kazi's Rules Hardcore Match when he successfully defended his FSPW Championship. The Kamakazi Kid was also apart of Miss Taylor's handpick stable, The Taylor Gang also with BiggieSmoove Chris Lea & Aaron Biggs. Even though Kazi has accomplished a lot in his great wrestling career, he still has a goal to be known as the Most Hardcore Wrestler in North Carolina!

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