Training School

LaBron Kozone
Nickname(s)- The Ring Warrior, The Visionary

Height- 6'1"

Weight- 235 lbs

Home Town- Greensboro, NC

Pro Debut- June 4th, 2011

FSPW Debut- March 3rd, 2013

Trained By- Big Daddy Edwards, Jeff Rudd,

Signature Moves- Throwing shade (rolling elbow), Sitout Uranage, Falling Headbutt

Finishing Move- Ball Game (Clothesline)

Feeling Patriotic
One of the hardest hitting Athletes on the FSPW Roster is "Ring Warrior" LaBron Kozone. Kozone made his FSPW debut at WrestleRevival I in Greensboro, NC on March 3rd, 2013. Since then, we have seen LaBron make a name for himself through out the Southeastern Region, where he's received opportunity to perform all around the state of NC & GA. LaBron Kozone brings to the table an hybrid style of wrestling, where not only is he known for his "Snugstyle" variation of offence, he his very technical in the ring and will take it to the air if need be! 
LaBron Kozone prides himself on always being an open minded student of the game, where additional to his trainers Eric Edwards & Jeff Rudd, he has obtained knowledge from many world traveled wrestling stars.
​LaBron Kozone is currently a trainer at the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy where he trains & mentors over 50 students.

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