Training School

Kyler Myzery
"The Machinist" Steampunk Myzery

Height: 5'9
Weight: 190lbs

From: Coming from The Bowels of The Factory

Pro Debut: Future Fire 1

Trained by: Labron Kozone

Signature moves:

Airship Spin(airplane spin), Steam Roller(Rolling Fireman Carry), Lucky 13(reverse figure 4), Locomotive German Suplex(Middle rope sliding German Suplex), Cradle Back Breaker


Industrial Revolution(spinning Butterfly)
Steam Powered Piledriver(Piledriver)
The Gear Lock(Regal Stretch)

Allied With: No allies 

Kyler Myzery is a diabolical machinist who has turned his deranged love for building & creating machines to the squared circle to inflect pain & punishment. He has come to FSPW in an attempt to replace the cogs(wrestlers) and build a new machine(wrestling world) to his design!

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