Training School

Mickey Fulp
Nickname(s)- The King of Sloppy Top

Height- 5’10"

Weight- 190 lbs

Hometown- King, NC 

Pro Debut- 2016

Trained By-  Coach Josh Gerry

Signature Move(s)- Code breaker,  spine buster

Finishing Move(s)- Discus lariat, piledriver

Mickey Fulp is a country boy from the stomping grounds of Stokes County, NC who loves to have a good time but he'll also whoop someone's butt in a minute and he's not afraid to let you know that! Mickey Fulp found his passion for professional wrestling while being trained under USIWF's head trainer Josh Gerry in 2015. 

Fulp has won championships in multiple federations all around the region and has earned the respect of numerous locker rooms being seen a leader & mentor especially for the newer generation of wrestlers.

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