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Women's Wrestling

Nick Richards
Nick Name- "The Lost Cause"

Weight- 189 lbs

Height- 5'10"

Hometown- Atlantic City

Trained By- CWF Mid-Atlantic

FSPW Debut- June 9th, 2012

Pro Debut- Oct 14th, 2006

Nick Richards is one of the most intense Superstars on the FSPW Roster, and arguably the toughest man in Fire Star Pro Wrestling. "TLC" Nick Richards made his FSPW Debut at Fire Star Pro Wrestling very first event in Eden, NC on June 9th, 2012 where he teamed with his then tag team partner, Donnie Dollars known together as Fatback Enterprises. Since then, Richards has shown dominance as a singles competitor as he will do everything in his power to take back from professional wrestling everything it's took from him.

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Nick Richards 8/25/13
Nick Richards taking out JJD
Nick Richards with a headlock on Andrew Everett
Nick Richards 7/7/13