Training School

Savannah Evans
Nickname- The Cannibal 

Height- 5’9 

Home town- Charlotte, NC by way of Reno, NV 

Pro Debut- 2014 

Trained by- George South, Caleb Konley 

Signature move(s)- Snap DDT, Perfect Plex, Butterfly suplex 

Finishing Move(s)- Full Nelson Slam

Championship(s)- FSPW Women's Championship (1)

Savannah Evans is a very experienced, well traveled professional wrestler who loves to fight, no matter the competition. Man, woman, big or small she’ll eat em all alive. Savannah Evans has won championships all around the nation and was the first ever crowned Women's Champion in FSPW history. Now Savannah Evans mentors the new younger generation of women's professional wrestling. As she is the lead trainer of Firestar Pro's Ladies Fight Club which is a gathering of female wrestlers from all around the Mid Atlantic!

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