Training School
Women's Wrestling

Shea Shea McGrady
Nickname- SheaShea

Height- 5'8"

Weight- 150 lbs

Home town- Shelby, NC

Pro Debut- 2002

FSPW Debut- June 7th, 2015

Trained By- James Drake

Signature moves- Deja Vu

Finishing Move- Code Breaker

Allied with- Rob Killjoy, White Mike, Will Demented
With over 10 years of pro wrestling experience is Hated By Association's Shea Shea McGrady! He is one of the most hated wrestlers on the FSPW roster and 1/2 of High Profile w/ Will Demented. Shea may be the smallest wrestler on the roster, but he hits harder than most of the wrestlers in the FSPW locker room! Some even consider him the most aggressive out of the whole HBA crew, Which also includes Rob Killjoy, White Mike, & Will Demented. Shea Shea McGrady has one goal in wrestling and that is to be high profile in WWE.

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1/2 APW Tag Team Champion Shea Shea McGrady!
Shea Shea McGrady along with the rest of Hated by Association!
Shea Shea McGrady can't believe Mr Amazing kickout'd!