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The Mac
Nickname- The Party Starter

Height- 5'10"

Weight- 220 lbs

Home town- Richmond, VA

Pro Debut- September 11th, 2010

FSPW Debut- December 7th, 2014

Trained by- Kevin Landry & Antonio Thomas

Signature move(s)- Mac Attack, Party Crasher

Finishing Move(s)- Jäger Bomb

Allied with- Chris LeaAaron Biggs

Team- The Other Day
Nobody fires up the crowd like The Party Starter The Mac! Ever since his FSPW debut at HolidaySlam on Dec 7 2014, the Firestar fans fell in love with The Mac! The Mac has also made some good friends in the locker room such as former FSPW Heavyweight Champion Chris Lea & former FSPW Southeastern Heavyweight Champion Aaron Biggs. Together these three are known as "The Other Day" The Mac is here in Fire Star Pro Wrestling to get title shots also to entertain his Mac-aholics & bring the party where ever he goes! SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!

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The people love The Mac
The Mac!
The Other Day- Chris Lea Aaron Biggs & The Mac