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Timmy Lou Retton
Nickname-Professional Wrestling's only Gymnast

Height- 5'8''

Weight- 234 lbs 

Home Town- Top of the Podium

Pro Debut- 2014

FSPW Debut- September 14th, 2014

Trained By- Seymour Snott, ATL 

Finisher- Retton Wrath (Powerbomb death valley driver)

Signature Moves- Moonsault, Bronze Metal (Shooting Star neck breaker) 

Timmy Lou Retton is Professional Wrestling's only Gymnast​, and he is apart of Fire Star Pro Wrestling! Timmy is from Raleigh, North Carolina and he is who many people are claiming to be the rookie of 2014. Retton made his FSPW Debut at FSPW Presents: Extravaganza in Greensboro, NC on September 14th, 2014 as he accepted Chet Sterling's open challenge to any wrestler in the back to face him one on one. That being Timmy's debut victory match in Fire Star Pro Wrestling leading him to a full time roster offer from the FSPW Board of Administration. Timmy Lou was inspired by Arn Anderson, William Regal, Kurt Angle and last but not least his Grandfather to follow his dreams to become a great gymnast and professional wrestler. His goals are to one day be a internationally known professional wrestler in Japan and throughout the world.

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Timmy Lou Retton making his way to the ring
Timmy Lou with his first win in FSPW (Photo Credit- Instant Classic Photography)
Timmy Lou looks to escape Chet's hold  (Photo Credit- Instant Classic Photography)
Timmy Lou Retton (Photo Credit- Instant Classic Photography)