Training School

Andreas Ziegler
Nickname - AJZ 

Height- 6'0 

Weight- 218 lbs 

Home town- West Bend, Wisconsin 

Pro Debut - Sep 25th 2019 

Trained by - LaBron Kozone, Al Snow, Rip Rogers, Tony Gunn

 Signature move(s)- Pumphandle Powerslam, Vertical Suplex, Aerial Crossbody

Finishing Move(s)- TKO 

Allied with- Cali Young

AJZ grew up on a farm in West Bend, Wisconsin and competed and placed nationally as a Freestyle Skier. He has also combined two of his passions – a Straight Edge lifestyle and physical competition – by competing and winning regionally and nationally as a Drug-Free Bodybuilder. Currently a full-time college student, AJZ is excited to be at OVW to work toward achieving his goals and to make a positive impact!

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