Training School

Aden Cross
Nickname- “STALLION” Aden Cross 

Height- 5’10"

Weight- 190 lbs 

Hometown- Kingsport, TN 

Pro Debut- 2016 

Trained by- Ricky Morton, Chase Owens 

Signature Move(s)- Eat Defeat, Shining Wizard 

Finishing Move(s) - Final Cut, Angel Grave 

Allied with-  Christian Cross 

Championship(s)- FSPW Championship (1)

“The Stallion” Aden Cross is the more flamboyant of the Cross Bros, but he is just as conniving and unpredictable as his brother Christian. He along with his brother is a former co-holder of the FSPW Championship. Aden & Christian were also former clients to the former owner of FSPW, the Wrestling Lawyer. Cross has also held titles across the country and isn’t finished hunting gold any time soon.

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