Training School

Christian Cross
Nickname- The Punk Pirate 

Height- 5’10” 

Weight- 190 lbs 

Home town- Nassau, Bahamas 

Pro Debut- 2016 

Trained by- Ricky Morton 

Signature move(s)- Walk the Plank (rope walk), Waste Away (rope hanging final cut) 

Finishing Move(s)- To the End of the World (Fisherman Buster) 

Allied with- Aden Cross

Championship(s)- FSPW Championship (1)

Christian Cross is a well traveled and experienced pro wrestler who has battled out all through the Mid Atlantic region. Christian was introduced to the Firestar World along with his brother Aden Cross by The Wrestling Lawyer as he rose to power in 2018. Together Aden & Christian were known as The Cross Brothers! In the 2019 Path to Glory Tournament, Christian & Aden Cross would go to defeat the Monster BoJack, to become the first ever co-FSPW Champion, but only to find losing effort to Griff Garrison later that night in a Handicap Match. After The Wrestling Lawyer sold his stock in FSPW to Percy Prescott, Nick D, & Darby Prescott, Christian Cross felt as if he has lost it all, and just like a Pirate, everything he has gained, he had to take! This is The Punk Pirate's mentality, as Christian Cross searches for his treasured gold. 

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