Training School

Griff Garrison
Height- 6'4''

Weight- 230 lbs

Home Town- Winston Salem, NC

Pro Debut- October 30, 2016

FSPW Debut- September 4, 2016

Trained By- LaBron Kozone

Allied with- Marcus Kross

Signature Move(s)- Spine Buster, Sleeper Hold, The Destroyer.

Finishing Move(s)- The Spear

Championship(s)- Zone1 Platinum Championship (1), Winner of 2017 Southeastern Battle Royal Rumble, FSPW Championship (3)
Griff Garrison is a multi-sport athlete and has an exceptionally high IQ of 130, he is also the 3rd graduate of the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy located in Greensboro, NC! Griff Garrison a long time fan of professional wrestling, decided to pursue his career in pro wrestling shortly after he graduated high school with all honors. Griff Garrison made his FSPW debut on September 4th, 2016 at FSPW WrestleRevival IV in Greensboro, NC in front of 300+ attendees, in the Southeastern Battle Royal Rumble. The Wrestling Lawyer Mike Kalasnik with over 10 years of pro wrestling knowledge took Griff Garrison under his wing which on March 12th, 2017, led him to become the first ever Zone1 Platinum Champion as he defeated Marcus Kross in a No DQ Match! Following his quick success in Firestar Pro Wrestling, Griff Garrison along with his Master & Machine tag team partner Marcus Kross found mentorship under legendary agent/manager Bill Berhens which led them to international opportunity along with success all around the nation. Griff Garrison has also competed in companies such as Ring of Honor & All Elite Wrestling.

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