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Marcus Kross
Nickname(s)- The White Flame, The Kick Master

Height- 5'10''

Weight- A buck 50

Home Town- Greensboro, NC

Pro Debut- October 30, 2016

FSPW Debut- September 4, 2016

Trained by- LaBron Kozone

Signature move(s)- Tornado Kick, Flip-Bottom, Double foot stomp,

Finishing move(s)- 450 splash, The Yayah Kick, The Double Kross Kick

Championship(s)- FSPW Southeastern Championship (1), 2018 Path to Glory Winner, FSPW Championship (1),

Allied with- The Wrestling Lawyer

Yayah, it's Marcus Kross!
The Yayah Kick
Put your hands up!
450 splash!
​One of the most popular young wrestlers on the Fire Star Pro Wrestling roster is The White Flame, Marcus Kross! With his high energy personality, he will have you with your hands up saying "Yayah"! Marcus Kross is an Martial Art Expert and a black belt in Taekwondo. Kross is also the 4th graduate of the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy and is a stand out of the New Generation along side breakout stars like Griff Garrison, Austin Theory & more. Marcus Kross made his FSPW debut on September 4th, 2016 at FSPW WrestleRevival IV in Greensboro, NC in front of 300+ attendees, in the Southeastern Battle Royal Rumble and plans on one day being at the top. Keep your eye out for this multi-talented athlete because he is going to burn up the wrestling world, Yayah!

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