Training School

Boss Hogg Vinny Dalton
​Nickname- Boss Hogg

Height- 6'1''

Weight- 230 lbs

Home town- Greensboro, NC

Pro debut- March 2015

FSPW debut- Aug 2nd, 2015

Trained by- Will Smooth, Josh Gerry

Signature moves- Samoa Drop, Moonsault

Finishing move- The Jackhammer

Championships- Next Generation Battle Royal 2015 Winner; FSPW Southeastern Champion (1)
Vinny Dalton also known as Boss Hogg is one of the most popular pro wrestlers out of Greensboro, NC and is was the first standout in Fire Star Pro Wrestling's 2015 introduction of the Next Generation Movement! On August 2nd, 2015 at FSPW Supremacy which also featured AR Fox; Boss Hogg proved that he should be the breakout star of the year when he won the FSPW Next Generation Battle Royal which also included new comers like The Mac, Cameron Carter, Jacob Ryan, & more! Boss Hogg wants to be a positive influence for young men and women by providing another Avenue to pursuit as a career in wrestling entertainment by opening the doors of a training facility one day. Boss Hogg also hopes to making the main roster of a major company such as WWE, ROH, or TNA Impact Wrestling.

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Vinny Dalton
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