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Cam Carter
Nickname(s)- The Elite Superstar, Luke Skywalker of Flight. The Greatest, The Smoothest Highflyer in the game

Height- 6'0

Weight- 200 lbs

Home town- Henderson, NC

Pro Debut- May 3rd, 2015

FSPW Debut- May 3rd, 2015

Trained by- LaBron KozoneJames Drake

Signature move(s)- Elite Slam, Reverse rana, Lumbar Check

Finishing Move(s)- 450 Splash

Allied with- Prince MutimaBoJack

Championship(s)- 2016 SE Battle Royal Rumble Winner, FSPW Southeastern Championship (1), 2019 WR Battle Royal Rumble Winner, FSPW Championship (2)

Known as the Elite Superstar Camron Carter is only that, a superstar. Due to his recent rise to success in professional wrestling, he's gain numerous endorsements from a number of media companies around the world. Once poor young man out of Henderson, NC, now rides in style, always being seen in the hottest fashion, and a collection of the highest quality wrestling trunks. Camron Carter was the first man to capture both FSPW Southeastern, & FSPW Championships. Carter also is the first graduate of the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy over the leadership of  LaBron Kozone. Cam Carter made his pro wrestling debut in Firestar event- Showdown on May 3rd, 2015 as Cam Carter defeated Petey Bangz. Amazingly only 5 months later, Cam Carter is headlining shows against Rob Killjoy for the FSPW Southeastern Championship! Along with hard work and dedication to his disciplined lifestyle outside the ring, Carter spends most of his free time studying professional wrestling. Cameron Carter has traveled to Hawaii to meet with wrestling officials across seas in hopes to one compete regularly in Japan.

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