Training School

James D Drake
Nickname- Blue Collar Badass 

Height- 6’2” 

Weight- 302 lbs

Hometown- Shelby, NC 

Pro Debut- 2002 

Trained By- David Rhymer, George South 

Signature Move- Knife-edge chop

Finishing Move(s)- Drill Bit, Top rope Moonsault

Meet the Blue Collar Badass JD Drake, he is one of the most driven, hard working, hard hitting internationally known professional wrestlers in the industry today. With nearly 20 years of experience inside of the ring, he proudly comes to us from the rough side of Shelby, North Carolina with a ton of knowledge and experience. James D Drake made his FSPW debut on April 29, 2017 against LaBron Kozone; But he has built a name for himself wrestling for major promotions like EVOLVE, PWG, and most notably WWE NXT where he made it known that he fears no man inside the ring because no one can hit him as hard as life had. James D Drake is known for being a lockeroom leader in FSPW and has become a mentor to many wrestlers and is also guest trainer at the Firestar Pro Wrestling Academy!

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