Training School

Prince Semi Mutima
Nickname- The Prince 

Height- 5'6" 

Weight-240 lbs 

Hometown- The Jungles if Africa. 

Pro Debut- 2018 

Trained by- Firestar Pro Wrestling Academy ( LaBron Kozone

Signature move(s)- The big splash, Overhead pumphandle suplex ( Diamond Plex), overhead belly to belly suplex. 

Finishing moves(s)- D squared. Peasents ending. 

Allied with- Cam CarterBojack (Diamonds of Change).

Championship(s)- FSPW Tag Team Championships

This is the Icon known as Prince Mutima. He grew up in the jungles of Africa and made his way to Royal status. Mutima grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth. His family has all the fine things that life has to offer. Any form of disrespect that is shown towards Mutima by anyone will result in a brutal beating by his own hands. Whomever it is will know why royalty is always the top of the food chain.

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