Training School

Caprice Coleman
Nickname- The Ambassador of the Grind 

Height- 6'

Weight- 213 lbs

Home Town- Charlotte, NC 

Pro Debut- 1997

FSPW Debut- June 9, 2012

Trained By- Matt & Jeff Hardy

Team: C&C Wrestle Factory

Signature Moves- Leap of Faith (Leaping ruana) Trinity (triple Northern lights suplex) Bless TO (Clawled STO) A Call to Repentance (cobra clutch cross face sleeper) The Thief in the night (inverted ace crusher)

Finishing Move- The Sky Splitta (Top rope leg lariat)

Allied with- Cedric Alexander

FSPW Championships- FSPW Tag Team Champion (1)
Caprice with the Trinity on Adam Page 2-9-14
Chris Lea & Caprice Coleman after a hard fought war on 6-1-14
Caprice Coleman returns to FSPW with a victory! 2-9-14
C&C Wrestle Factory named the first ever FSPW Tag Team Champions! Belts were later vacated by management 7/14/12
The most experienced Pro wrestler in the FSPW locker room is Ring of Honor Superstar Caprice Coleman. Coleman is a internationally known star who has traveled all over the states and has even made an appearance in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) on Sunday Night Heat. Coleman is also known for being 1/2 of one of wrestling's greatest tag teams (C&C Wrestle Factory) along with PWX Heavyweight Champion Cedric Alexander. Caprice Coleman is a Christian Minister & Preacher outside of the ring helping many people with their everyday life's with powerful and motivational speaking through faith & hope and counseling every week. Caprice Coleman has probably the most unique move set in the South Eastern region, which he's based his work off of Mohammed Ali, Bruce Lee, & Flyin Brian Pillman. Although Caprice is a seasoned vet, he's currently in the best in-ring shape of his life showing that the future is still bright as he upholds integrity while stealing the show every night.

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