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Cedric Alexander
Nicknames- Kick to Kill, King of the Queen City

Height- 5'11"

Weight- 222

Home Town- Charlotte, NC

Pro Debut- 2009

FSPW Debut- June 9, 2012

Trained By- George South

Team- C&C Wrestle Factory

Signature Moves- Split legged moonsault, Concussion on delivery, Triangle Kick, Double knee back breaker, Frog splash

Finishing Move- Brianbuster, Firemens carry pele kick 

Allied with- Caprice Coleman

Championships- FSPW Tag Team Champion (1)

Ring of Honor Superstar Cedric Alexander, a young man who carries along great passion for the Sport of Professional Wrestling. Alexander fell in love with Pro Wrestling the night he discovered the WCW Cruiser weight Division encouraging him to study wrestlers such as AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe, leading him to seek out Pro Wrestling Training in Charlotte NC under Mid Atlantic Legend George South! Cedric Alexander was scouted by The FSPW Scout Team through the exposure given by Patrick Wright's Pro Wrestling EVO based out of Concord, NC in 2011. Cedric Alexander remained undefeated in Fire Star Pro Wrestling in 2012 as he made his FSPW debut on June 9th 2012 Supreme Beginnings against Adam Page. Alexander also got the opportunity of teaming with his ROH Tag Team partner Caprice Coleman becoming the first ever FSPW Tag Team Champions (Later Vacated). We are glad to have Cedric apart of FSPW and we await the day when the Pro Wrestling World recognizes him as one of The Best Wrestler in the World!

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Kick to Kill is not only a nickname!
Cedric Alexander
The King of the Queen City
The First ever FSPW Tag Team Champions, Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman, later vacated by the FSPW BOA.