Training School

Duke O' Connor
Nickname(s)- The Rage, Big Hoss 

Height- 6’1"

Weight- 288 lbs

Hometown- Greensboro, NC

Trained by- LaBron Kozone 

Pro Debut- August 30, 2019

Signature move(s)- Samoan Drop, Belly to Belly, Lariat.

Finishing Move(s)- Full Nelson Slam, F5, Package Piledriver. 

Duke O’Connor is out for one thing. To hurt people. No matter the outcome! Anyone who steps in the ring with him will know that he’s a different breed. He’s cut from a different cloth. His hard upbringing made him cold and relentless in his quest for success. Anyone who gets in the way of that...has to deal with the rage of Duke O’Connor.

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