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FSPW News Headlines and Updates

RESULTS: FSPW Presents: Tell The Vision - Oct 3rd, 2021

by FSPW on 10/26/21

Fire Star Pro Wrestling Presents:

Tell The Vision

Sunday, October 3rd, 2021 - The Firestar Arena

  1. Opening Contest - Presented by The Just One Foundation

Jay Malachi vs. T.I.M  Winner: T.I.M Via DQ - 7:30


  1. Singles Match
    Oliver Sawyer vs. TGA Moss Winner: TGA Moss Via Pinfall - 9:05


  1. Tag Team Match (Non-Title)

The Trend Setters vs. Azrael Kyyam & Diego Hill

Winners: The Trend Setters Via Pinfall - 7:00


  1. Singles Match

Prof. Dr. Jordan Tyler vs. BoJack

Winner: BoJack Via Pinfall - 2:50


  1. Singles Match

OMG James Ryan vs. Elias AK47

Winner: OMG James Ryan Via Pinfall - 7:46


Firestar Pro Wrestling Presents: 

Tell The Vivison

Hour Two


  1. Triple Threat Match

Don Petty vs. Joey Gibson vs.  Dale Springs

Winner: Don Petty Via Pinfall - 7:45


  1. Tag Team Match

Chris Valo & Tommy K’Jango vs. JR Miller & Dash

Winners: JR Miller & Dash - 7:07


  1. Jewels of Women’s Wrestling Match

KZT vs. Lilly

Winner- Lilly Via Pinfall - 4:45


  1. 8-Person Tag Team Match

Christian Cross, J.A.C., Jayson Land, Mr. AOK


Wrestle Ranger, Casen Caine, Logan Quindell, David Parish

Winners: Ranger, Caine, Quindell, Parish Via Pinfall - 8:34


  1.  Main Event: Singles Match

Duke O’ Connor vs. Jackson Drake

Winner: Duke O' Connor Via Pinfall 13:05

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FSPW to unveil brand new FSPW Heavyweight Championship at Oct 31st event.

by FSPW on 10/14/21

On Halloween Night, FSPW will present Fight of the Living Dead at the Firestar Arena. Current FSPW Champion TDT will defend against #1 contender BoJack in the main event! We've just received word that FSPW in conjunction with Grayson Strategies Organization will present the new FSPW Championship to the winner of the main event.

The classic FSPW Championship 2013-2021

Press Release: FSPW splitting into two separate brands Super-FIRE & STAR-Power!

by FSPW on 10/13/21

Firestar Pro Wrestling's recent growth is no secret, expanding to the new Firestar Arena, bringing in new talent, the rumored return of  FSPW stars from the past and debuting new wrestling stars recruited from the Firestar Pro Wrestling Academy. Firestar Board of Directors finalize the decision to split the active Firestar Roster into two separate brands Super-FIRE & STAR-Power, each brands will have their own roster, writers, theme, production team, & schedule. 

All Firestar Pro Wrestling championship holders will be available to both brands. Jewels of Women's Wrestling talent will also be shared with both brands.

Main Firestar share holders were given first the opportunity the bid for the positions of General Manager, The general manager of Super Fire request to remain anonymous, but the first ever general manager of Star Power has been revealed as FSPW's lead ring announcer from the last 5 years, "The Doc" Bill Coble. We're excited & interested to see what the future holds for Firestar Pro Wrestling. More information coming soon. 

Press Release: The Firestar Arena debuts new venue in Greensboro, NC!

by FSPW on 10/06/21

On August 28th, 2021 during the WrestleRevival 8 event Firestar Pro Wrestling Academy head trainer LaBron Kozone announced that FSPW has found a new home after six months of being without a venue. On September 5th, the Firestar Pro Wrestling Academy resumed their operations at the new venue located on 4361 Federal Dr. Greensboro, NC STE. 170. On October 3rd, 2021, Firestar Pro Wrestling hosted it's grand opening event entitled: Tell The Vision. Main event: Jackson Drake vs. Duke O'Connor. FSPW's next event is set for October 31st, and plans on releasing a regular event schedule.

FSPW teams with XWW to bring Firestar Pro Wrestling Training to Charlotte, NC area!

by FSPW on 05/05/21

Firestar Pro Wrestling Academy partners with Xtreme World Wrestling to open Pro Wrestling Training School in Monroe, NC (Outside of Charlotte, NC).

Firestar Head Trainer LaBron Kozone will be hosting training sessions at the XWW Arena on Wednesday evenings. 

LaBron Kozone has been wrestling for 10 years, and has experience working with hundreds of people inside the ring, successfully trained over 30 professional wrestlers in the Southeastern region, some students competing for AEW, New Japan USA, ROH, and many more.

If you would like to join these pro wrestling training classes in Charlotte NC or Greensboro, NC. Please contact us today!

For more information on XWW, go to https://xtremetvonline.com/