FSPW News Headlines and Updates
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FSPW News Headlines and Updates

FSPW to host Live Pro Wrestling events every Thursday at the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy! (Starting Aug 24th)

by FSPW on 08/11/17

Every week since June 22th this year, the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy has been traveling all around the city of Greensboro NC, putting on live events at different recreation centers for kids and their families through the Fire Star Pro Wrestling/ Just One Foundation Summer Recreation Tour. Even though the tour is coming to an end, we decided to keep the fire burning, every Thursday at our training school located on 517 Medley st. to host a LIVE Professional Wrestling event. 
These Thursday night events will not only feature the students of the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy, but performing wrestlers from all around the Southeast & Mid Atlantic region, innovative matches, give aways, and stories.

The first Thursday night Showdown event will be August 24th, 2017 at the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy located on 517 Medley st. in Greensboro, NC. 

Greensboro Parks & Rec teams up with FSPW & Just One Foundation to raise money for kids!

by FSPW on 06/12/17

Starting June 22 nd through August 17 th 2017 Greensboro summer camps will get to experience Professional Wrestling. Each area summer camp will host a Professional Wrestling seminar during the day and a live show that same night. The live events will be hosted by the JustOne Foundation (Justin L. Washington) under FireStar Pro Wrestling.

The initiative is to use Professional Wrestling as a platform for enrichment in the community to create a positive impact on our youth. Ultimately, our intention is to leave an impression that motivates kids to stay in school and off the streets by opening the doors of this business and our training school.

The seminars will touch on subjects such as the history of professional wrestling, the evolution of the sport from carnivals to network television, various career paths to follow within the business, safety, and nutrition. There will be interactive contests during the seminars and special guest speakers. The speakers/performers at the seminars are donating their time, information, and experience to assist our efforts.
The live events will be hosted by the JustOne Foundation along with FireStar Pro Wrestling every Thursday night starting June 22 nd through August 17th. 
The JustOne Foundation is a non-profit organization that is geared towards community enrichment through our youth. The JustOne Foundation will be seeking sponsors and donations to fund the live events. The events are open to the public and will start around 6:30 pm each Thursday night. Percentage of the revenue will be donated to the summer camp of each center to take the attendees on an outing of their choosing.

Camron Carter: New FSPW Champion!

by FSPW on 06/06/17

The Main event originally scheduled for 6/4/17 Supremacy event in Greensboro, NC was a Triple Threat Match between Camron Carter, James Drake & Champion Austin Theory. But due to injury James Drake could not compete at FSPW Supremacy. Therefore Cam Carter got his singles rematch against Austin Theory. But it took a lot more than Cam Carter alone to put away the Champion, with the help of manager Darby Westcott and his former enemy, now best friend James Ryan, Camron Carter was able to get the pinfall victory and become the new FSPW Champion. Cam Carter is the first man ever to capture both the FSPW Southeastern & FSPW Championships. What will occur now with The Culture on top of FSPW?

FSPW Announce The Glory Battle Royal for a spot in the PTG Tournament!

by FSPW on 02/18/17

On Sunday March 12th, 2017, Fire Star Pro Wrestling will host it's annual wrestling event, Path to Glory 2017, which features this year's Path to Glory 7-man tournament to crown the new vacant FSPW Heavyweight Champion. Formally an 8-man tournament, FSPW is giving everyone a opportunity to be apart of the Path to Glory Tournament, by winning the FSPW Glory Battle Royal for an automatic spot into the semi final round of the FSPW Path to Glory Tournament.

For more information on this event, go to- https://fspwptg.eventbrite.com

FSPW Announces 7man tournament for Vacated FSPW Heavyweight Championship!

by FSPW on 02/04/17

The FSPW Heavyweight Championship was last held by Marcellus King, who was without a doubt the most dominate champion the Mid Atlantic has seen in years, who had a pinfall victory over former World Champion Bobby Lashley & who held the FSPW Heavyweight Championship & The CWF Mid Atlantic Championship at the same time. But with Marcellus King's unannounced hiatus from professional wrestling, Fire Star Pro Wrestling administration was forced to vacate his heavyweight championship at the beginning of 2016. 

One year later, FSPW announces Path to Glory 7man Tournament to decide the new vacant FSPW Heavyweight Champion to take place at The Texas Disco nighclub in Greensboro, NC on March 12th, 2017! There is rumor of former FSPW Champions being apart of this tournament, who could we see return to FSPW? Or will we see a face from The New Generation rise all the way to the top of the Firestar food chain?