FSPW News Headlines and Updates
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FSPW News Headlines and Updates

FSPW Announce The Glory Battle Royal for a spot in the PTG Tournament!

by FSPW on 02/18/17

On Sunday March 12th, 2017, Fire Star Pro Wrestling will host it's annual wrestling event, Path to Glory 2017, which features this year's Path to Glory 7-man tournament to crown the new vacant FSPW Heavyweight Champion. Formally an 8-man tournament, FSPW is giving everyone a opportunity to be apart of the Path to Glory Tournament, by winning the FSPW Glory Battle Royal for an automatic spot into the semi final round of the FSPW Path to Glory Tournament.

For more information on this event, go to- https://fspwptg.eventbrite.com

FSPW Announces 7man tournament for Vacated FSPW Heavyweight Championship!

by FSPW on 02/04/17

The FSPW Heavyweight Championship was last held by Marcellus King, who was without a doubt the most dominate champion the Mid Atlantic has seen in years, who had a pinfall victory over former World Champion Bobby Lashley & who held the FSPW Heavyweight Championship & The CWF Mid Atlantic Championship at the same time. But with Marcellus King's unannounced hiatus from professional wrestling, Fire Star Pro Wrestling administration was forced to vacate his heavyweight championship at the beginning of 2016. 

One year later, FSPW announces Path to Glory 7man Tournament to decide the new vacant FSPW Heavyweight Champion to take place at The Texas Disco nighclub in Greensboro, NC on March 12th, 2017! There is rumor of former FSPW Champions being apart of this tournament, who could we see return to FSPW? Or will we see a face from The New Generation rise all the way to the top of the Firestar food chain?

FSPW Southeastern Champion, Cam Carter pins international star AR Fox!

by FSPW on 02/04/17

Photo credit- Fisticuffs Photography

At our previous event at the FSPW Facility, Southeastern Champion, Cam Carter went to war with internationally known Lucha Underground superstar, AR Fox. At the end of this spectacular contest, Cam Carter gained the respect of AR Fox. You have to wonder what kind of doors will this open up for Cam Carter in the near future?

Sonjay Dutt hosts successful seminar at FSPW Training school Facility

by FSPW on 02/04/17

Photo credit above @FisticuffsPhotography

1/27/17 Friday afternoon, International Superstar Sonjay Dutt hosted an advance wrestling seminar class session at the FSPW Training School Facility where most of our students, and a few of our own roster received the opportunity to gain knowledge from one of the best in the world!

FSPW Academy releases official list of Debuts for WrestleRevival IV 9-4-16!

by FSPW on 09/01/16

FireStar Pro Wrestling Academy proudly releases official list of athletes who will be making their Pro Wrestling & FSPW Debut Appearances on Sunday September 4th Grand Annual Spectacular event known as WrestleRevival IV at the Greensboro SportsPlex! 

B Nasty - Pro Debut 
Grith Garretson - Pro Debut 
Harley Wade - Pro Debut 
Isaiah Champion - FSPW Debut 
JB - Pro Debut 
Marcus Kross - Pro Debut 
Nate Burnem - Pro Debut 
Pharaoh - Pro Debut 
"Elite" Reggie Smith - Pro Debut 
Tevin Dangerous Turner (TDT) - Pro Debut 
Tarik Dunn - Pro Debut 
Zack Zenon - FSPW Debut 

We promised the Rise of a New Generation, and you get to witness it LIVE! For more information on this event please go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wrestlerevival-iv-gso-sportsplex-tickets-26425546521 

For more information of The FSPW Academy of Greensboro, NC please visit our Training School link on this webpage!