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FSPW News Headlines and Updates

Austin Theory to face Cam Carter at Holiday Slam 2017 | Stitch Osiris to return to Greensboro, NC!

by FSPW on 11/07/17

Just announced that former FSPW Champion Austin Theory who held that title for 84 days before losing it to Cam Carter due to outside interference from James Ryan; Theory will finally get his rematch against Cam Carter at Fire Star Pro Wrestling's annual event of Holiday Slam 2017! We last seen Theory on Sep 3rd, 2017 at WrestleRevival 5 were he got his revenge against James Ryan. Now with his sights set on the current champion Cam Carter, Theory plans to regain what was once his.

One of the hottest free agents based out of the Southeastern region, Stitch Osiris will return to action on Saturday December 16, 2017 for Holiday Slam as he will be apart of the Holiday Slam 6-way Scramble Challenge for the #1 Contender contract for the FSPW Southeastern Championship. The last time we seen Stitch was at our Christmas Night Chaos event from last year, where he faced Rob Killjoy for the first time. That Match can be viewed (Here)

Oct 22: The Juanita Cauthen Appreciation Day Event - FSPW A Fight on Medley st!

by FSPW on 09/25/17

FireStar Pro Wrestling Presents: A Fight on Medley Street 

"The Juanita Cauthen Appreciation Day Event" 10/22/17

 Juanita (Doosie) Cauthen of Greensboro, NC is a strong wonderful loving single mother of two, & Stage 4 cancer fighter. 
Juanita is a survivor of stage 3 Breast cancer and rung the bell to being cancer free on March 8th 2016. But sadly one year later her cancer returned stong at Stage 4 cancer which has spread to her spine, pelvic bone, femur and liver as well. 
Juanita is known to the FSPW Community as Zone1 Platinum Champion TDT's biological mother being his greatest supporter and a strong supporter of our organization & training school. Juanita introduced and served to the FSPW fanbase on multiple occasions, the best homemade cooking which we've all enjoyed such as Grandma's Famous Peach Cobbler! 
The Juanita Cauthen Appreciation Day Event was created to give back in acknowledgement to a wonderful woman who has shown God's love not only to her family and loved ones, but to the FSPW Family as well. All Proceeds to this event will be donated to Juanita Cauthen & her family. _______________________________ 
Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy 517 Medley Street Greensboro, NC

 Afternoon cookout- 1 PM - 4 PM 
Doors Open to event- 4:30 PM 
Wrestling Event Starts- 5:00 PM 

General Admission- $10
 Kids Under the age of 10 in FREE! 

Featured Main Event- Zone1 Platinum Championship 
Tevin Dangerous Turner (c) vs. OMG James Ryan 

Also wrestling for Juanita- Boss Hogg Vinny Dalton, LaBron Kozone, Dave Saunders, Big Bite Martinez, Mickey Fulp, Semi Mutina, & Many More.

Thursday Night Showdown Wrestling Events to conclude.

by FSPW on 09/08/17

Fire Star Pro Wrestling has always been known for attempting new things that haven't been seen in the Mid Atlantic region such as running multiple shows a week every week. After 12 Straight weeks of Thursday Night wrestling we've decide to discontinue our Thursday night shows. In place of this sacrifice, the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy will be open now three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays, for more information on our training school, please call 3364197892.

Press Release: Open invitation to professional wrestlers in Southeastern Region! The 4th Annual Big Southeastern Battle Royal Rumble

by FSPW on 08/30/17

Fire Star Pro Wrestling is sending out an special open invitation to all professional wrestlers in the Southeastern Region to compete in the 4th annual Southeastern Battle Royal Rumble for the Number 1 Contenders contract for the FSPW Southeastern Championship at our 5th annual WrestleRevival event in Greensboro, NC.
Current names scheduled to compete in match- James Ryan, Griff Garrison, Austin Theory, Big Bite Martinez, TDT, Garrett Coleman, Chance Rizer & Many more!
Also keep in mind, that the FSPW Southeastern Championship will be defended that night as Champion Michael Spencer defends against Boss Hogg & Marcus Kross later that night! For advance tickets on this event, go to https://wrestlerevivalv.eventbrite.com

FSPW to host Live Pro Wrestling events every Thursday at the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy! (Starting Aug 24th)

by FSPW on 08/11/17

Every week since June 22th this year, the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy has been traveling all around the city of Greensboro NC, putting on live events at different recreation centers for kids and their families through the Fire Star Pro Wrestling/ Just One Foundation Summer Recreation Tour. Even though the tour is coming to an end, we decided to keep the fire burning, every Thursday at our training school located on 517 Medley st. to host a LIVE Professional Wrestling event. 
These Thursday night events will not only feature the students of the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy, but performing wrestlers from all around the Southeast & Mid Atlantic region, innovative matches, give aways, and stories.

The first Thursday night Showdown event will be August 24th, 2017 at the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy located on 517 Medley st. in Greensboro, NC.