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FSPW News Headlines and Updates

TDT to defend FSPW Championship against the unstoppable DUKE O'Connor!

by FSPW on 06/05/23

HUGE FSPW Championship match announcement for 6/24 FSPW Rumble at The Point! TDT (c) defends against long time rival DUKE O’CONNOR! Who will go to WrestleRevival 10 as champion?

Alexander Moss' Turn for the Worst!

by FSPW on 11/16/21

On October 31st, The Firestar Arena witnessed a shocking moment in the final minutes of the FSPW Heavyweight Championship bout between Champion TDT vs. BoJack; where blatantly out of no where, formerly known as TGA, Alexander Moss attacked BoJack with the classic FSPW Championship. This action resulting in TDT leaving victorious in the main event. We have yet to understand Alexander Moss' reasoning for attacking BoJack. Nor have there been any signs of alignment between Moss & Ben Grayson Strategies Organization. We will find out more this Sunday as Alexander Moss is set to face The Infinite Man at the Firestar Arena for STAR Power! For more information on this event go to http://firestarpro.eventbrite.com 

440 days and counting, Reigning Champion Jamal The Titan faces his biggest challenges up to date!

by FSPW on 11/12/21

440 days and counting, Jamal The Titan is still the longest reigning Southeastern Champion of FSPW after a victory over The 7-foot tall Notorious Don Petty, in a grueling doors match from Oct 31st Fight of the Living Dead!

Jamal The Titan has slayed many giants and defeated former champions, but he could still be potentially facing his biggest challenges up to date as this Sunday at Super FIRE he takes on former Southeastern Champion, former FSPW Champion, 1st ever FSPW Rumble winner Marcus Kross; who just went toe to toe with FSPW Champion TDT in the main event of WrestleRevival VIII back in August 2021.
In that same week, Jamal the Titan will have to face Duke O'Connor at STAR Power Nov 21st. Duke O'Connor was victorious over Jackson Drake in the main event of Tell The Vision, also Duke single-handedly eliminated Casen Caine, Oliver Sawyer, Joey Gibson in less than 7 minutes from Fight of the Living Dead.
With these two major challenges ahead, will we continue to see Jamal overcome all odds and add to his already historic championship reign? Or will we witness a change in Firestar Pro Wrestling history? For information to these upcoming events: https://firestarpro.eventbrite.com/

Duke O Connor has sights set on FSPW Southeastern Championship!

by FSPW on 11/12/21

The sheer dominance that Duke O' Connor has been demonstrating in recent months has turned many heads in the Southeastern wrestling scene! The Kill-Dozer standing with a victory over Jackson Drake in the main event of Tell The Vision, also single-handedly eliminating Casen Caine, Oliver Sawyer, Joey Gibson in less than 7 minutes from Fight of the Living Dead!
It's been talks of Duke O Connor having a taste for gold, as he is a top contender for the FSPW Southeastern Championship. 

FSPW Star Power GM Bill Coble confirmed the FSPW Southeastern Champion Jamal The Titan against Duke O' Connor, this match is not yet listed as a championship match due to the waiting returns of Nate Burnem's SuperFIRE Main event Southeastern title match between Jamal The Titan vs. Marcus Kross!

For more information on these events https://firestarpro.eventbrite.com/

Former FSPW Heavyweight Champion, The Scrapyard Dog returns to FSPW!

by FSPW on 11/12/21

On October 31st Fight of The Living Dead, Greensboro saw the return of the former FSPW Heavyweight Champion, Mid Atlantic Legend The Scrapyard Dog! As he returned to attack new comer Casen Caine! It is still unknown Scrapyard Dog's reasoning of attacking Casen Caine, FSPW Star Power GM Bill Coble signed the returning Legend against Casen Caine on Sunday November 21st Star Power event which already features, Jay Lethal, TDT, LaBron Kozone, Alexander Moss, T.I.M. Duke O Connor & Many more of your Firestar Favorites! https://firestarpro.eventbrite.com/