Training School

Jamal The Titan
Height - 6'2"

Weight - 255lbs

Hometown - Newark, NJ

Pro Debut - 2018

FSPW Debut - May 4th 2018 

Trained By - Labron Kozone

Signature Move - Corner Cannonball / Running Senton

Finishing Move - TitanFall (Sit Out Chokeslam), Evenflow DDT

Social Media
Twitter: @JamalCannady
Instagram: jamalcinnc
FB: Facebook.com/JamalTheTitan
In his relative short time in professional wrestling, The Titan has tangled with the likes of The International Superstars, Cam Carter, Colby Corino, and other big names throughout the Mid-Atlantic wrestling territory. 

Born and raised in the crime ridden streets of Newark, New Jersey, the man known as Jamal The Titan has survived through countless years of pain, suffering, and mental anguish. Using his past to fuel him, he will inflict that very same pain and suffering on any unlucky soul that manages to find themselves in his path to the top of Firestar Pro Wrestling. 

In 2019, Jamal made his debut for CWF Mid-Atlantic and joined the group "The All-Stars" along side Coach Gemini, TGA Moss, and Arik Royal.

In 2020, He joined PWF's group, "The Administration" with Master Quinn and James Anthony.

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