Training School

"Big Baby Cool" James Ryan 
​Nickname- The Original, OMG, Big Baby Cool

Height- 6'5''

Weight- 200 lbs

Home town- Greensboro, NC 

Pro Debut- October 13th, 2015

FSPW Debut- October 13th, 2015

Trained by- LaBron Kozone

Signature Move(s)- Original Bomb, Fall away slam

Finisher(s)- The Original Kick

Championships(s)- FSPW Southeastern Championship (1)

James Ryan
James Ryan
Originality Manifested By Greatness
James Ryan
The 2nd graduate of the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy is The Original James Ryan. Ryan is 4x regional qualifier, 2x All-State Amateur Wrestling Champion, and 4x AAU Wrestling Champion. But after being a life long fan of professional wrestling, at the age of 20, James Ryan decided to start his journey into the pro wrestling world. Ryan made his professional wrestling debut against former FSPW heavyweight champion The Scrapyard Dog. Since then, James Ryan has been wrestling for different wrestling organizations around the Mid Atlantic. James Ryan's goals are to travel the world making a name for himself in wrestling in order to provide for his family.

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