Training School
Women's Wrestling

Joseph A'gau
AKA- Joe Black

Nickname (s)- "The Black Cloud" "Beautiful Beast"

Height- 5'9''

Weight- 202 lbs

Home Town- Greensboro, NC

Pro Debut- October 2010

FSPW Debut- June 9th, 2012

Trained By- Jeff Rudd, Roy Wilkins, Walter Eaton, Lee Valiant, Kamakazi Kid.

Signature Moves- "Make Them Humble" (Uranagi back breaker) Snap Suplex, Senton

Finishing Moves- Flying Thunder God (Spear) Miseria Cantare (guillotine tornado DDT)

Joe Black is one of the most recognized wrestlers in The Mid Atlantic region, from Greensboro, NC. Black got his start in Professional Wrestling under CWF Mid-Atlantic (Burlington) and later become their Rising Generation Champion. Growing up, Joe Black was influenced by wrestlers such as Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Brass Munkey, & The Malenko Bros. Joe Black is currently apart of The Revolutionary Stable of Success alongside Nick D, Marcellus King, and FSPW Champion The Scrapyard Dog! When we asked Joe what are his future goals in pro wrestling, he replied-   I want to be the "Sistine Chapel" of professional wrestling. Which means, the greatest. If your goal isn't to be the best in your respective profession, you already lost.
Joe Black alongside Ty Dillinger
Joe Black has Jason Blade in a headlock
Joe Black Path to Glory Tournament 6-1-14
Joe Black Path to Glory Tournament 6-1-14