Training School
Women's Wrestling

Nick D
Nick Name- The Alpha Manager

Weight- 285 lbs 

Height- 5'10''

Hometown- Greensboro, NC

Allied with- The R(evil)ution 

FSPW Debut- March 3rd, 2013

Pro Debut- December 15, 2012

Nick D was originally signed to Fire Star Pro Wrestling under the board of Administration later promoted to General Manager of the Greensboro operating promotion on 3-3-13, but due to much controversy through to his video posts on social media, Nick D was relieved of his duties as General Manager. Fire Star Pro Wrestling was forced to reinstate Nick D of his contract when legal action was taken by his lawyers stating that Nick D has a percentage of ownership in the title Fire Star Pro Wrestling, LLC. In agreement to drop all charges, FSPW management agreed to reinstate Nick D as an managing agent for the company on 08-25-13. Since then, Nick D has introduce a Group of Superstars to take reign over the FSPW Roster such as The Scrapyard Dog, The Gorilla Squad, Marcellus King, & Joe Black. Nick D's current goal in wrestling is to be in the discussion as one of the best managers in the world.

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Nick D along with Joe Black
Nick D
Nick D displaying his microphone skills
Nick D holding LaBron Kozone for The Scrapyard Dog to attack