Training School

Patrick Scott
Nickname- “The VIP” 

Height- 6’2" 

Weight- 190 lbs 

Home town- Terryville, CT 

Pro Debut- 2013 

Trained by- Steve Corino/Jakob Hammermeier 

Signature move(s)- Cork Popper (step-up enzi), Ode to Jimmy (Double springboard flatliner) 

Finishing Move(s)- Party Foul 

Allied with- Donnie Ray, Patrick Shelley, Chance Rizer 

If you ask Patrick Scott who his hero is, he will say Patrick Scott. With a resumé that includes multiple matches on NXT, international competition, and knowledge obtained from world-renowned coaches, the party boy has given himself the nickname “The VIP” because according to Scott, anything he does, he “does it best.”

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