Training School

Big Bite Martinez
Nickname(s)- Big Bite

Height- 6'1''

Weight- 165 lbs.

Hometown- São Paulo, Brazil

Pro Debut- December 2016

FSPW Debut- December 2016

Trained by- LaBron Kozone

Signature Move(s)- Springboard cross body, The Big Bite.

Finishing Move(s)- The last Bite
Blue Big Bite
Black Big Bite
Big Bite with the DDT
Big Bite taking it to Griff Garrison!
From the projects of São Paulo, Brazil is the biting warrior who is simply known as Big Bite Martinez! Big Bite Martinez may be mysterious and intimidating when you first take a glance at him, but the Fire Star Pro Wrestling fanbase has come to love Big Bite Martinez. But do not mistake this fan favorite's kindness for weakness, because he packs a vicious fury of offense. Big Bite Martinez has stood toe to toe against some of the best in the Southeastern region, though many have come against him, one thing is for certain, they all fear Big Bite's jaws. It is rumored that Big Bite's bite carries different variations of venom, depending on the color of his face.  Big Bite brings an exciting energy everywhere he goes, but what is more exciting is that there is so much that we do not know about Big Bite, that we are sure to learn! 

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