Training School

Jackson Drake
Nickname(s)- The Prodigy, The Madolescent

Height- 6'

Weight- 172 lbs

Hometown- Greensboro, NC

 Pro debut- June 28th, 2017 

Trained by- LaBron KozoneCam Carter 

Signature moves- Dragon Suplex, Black mass

Finishing moves- 450 splash, drakes landing (720 grounded kick) 

Allied with- Jay Malachi 

Championship(s)- FSPW Tag Team Championships (1)

After dedicating every minute he had to watching wrestling since the age of 7 and pursuing professional wrestling training at the age of 13, Jackson had to scratch, claw and grit his teeth to prove that he was just as tough and wanted even more than his peers who were twice his age and three times his size. Now at age 16, Jackson has already been in the business for over 3 years and continues to prove himself match after match by going against some of the best in the business, and why he is in fact a wrestling prodigy alongside his partner, fellow wrestling prodigy Jay Malachi. Whom as a unit, with a combined age of 31, spend any and all free time outside of high school tirelessly studying all different types of wrestling and training religiously. He and Jay Malachi’s restless desires to follow their shared dreams are beginning to take off as they are the first WORLD champions (former inter species wrestling tag team champions) to graduate from the FSPW academy, and are even endorsed by the legendary Arn Anderson.

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