Training School

Jay Malachi
Nickname(s)- The Wrestling Prodigy 

Height- 5’11"

 Weight- 150 lbs

Hometown- Greensboro, NC 

Pro Debut- July 1, 2018 

Trained By- LaBron Kozone 

Signature Move(s)- Springboard Clothesline 

Finishing Move(s)- Springboard cutter (J.K.O) 

Allied with- Jackson Drake (The Wrestling Prodigies) 

​Championship(s)- FSPW Tag Team Championships (1)

Being the youngest graduate of the Firestar Pro Wrestling Academy at the age of 14, Jay is one of the most hardworking, funniest, and youngest wrestler in the pro wrestling industry today. Ever since he turned his back on Captain Blacka Merica, he has become a fan favorite and a better person teaming with his best friend Jackson Drake together known as The Wrestling Prodigies.

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