Training School

Kaydin Pierre
Nickname(s)- Pink Prince

Height- 6’0 

Weight- 180 lbs

Hometown- The Pink Trap House

Pro Debut- April 2018 

Trained By- LaBron Kozone 

Signature Move(s)- Look back at it, Surfboard face crusher (The Pink Makeover), Pink Print (Bicycle Kick) 

Finishing Move(s)- Off with his head (Scissor kick)

Allied with- Pretty Boy LaneKent Wolf (The Pink Gang)

Kaydin Pierre, the self Proclaimed Pink Prince of Pink Gang is here to bring the pink flare to FSPW & professional wrestling. The Pink Prince's mission is to show everyone that it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, no matter what, you can do anything you want! And if no one believes in you, make them believe!

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