Training School

Pretty Boy Lane
Nickname- "Pretty Bad" 

Height- 6 ft

Weight- 175 lbs

Home town- Beverly Hills, CA 

Pro Debut- June 10th 2018 

Trained by-  LaBron Kozone 

Signature move(s)- Pretty Boy Buster, 98 Special (German Suplex) 

Finishing Move(s)- The Hangover ( Highway to Helms) 

Allied with- Kent WolfKaydin Pierre, Sir Oaks 

Pretty Boy Lane and his pretty bad attitude burst onto the scene in 2018 when he came to FSPW from the "bad streets" of Beverley Hills. Ever since he has carried himself as the resident bad boy of the group known as The Pink Gang. Though his face is pretty he is unpredictable, vicious, dirty, and most of all pretty bad.

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