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Tevin Dangerous Turner
Nickname(s)- Gate City Guardian, TDT

Height- 6'2''

Weight- 308 lbs

Home Town- Gate City (Greensboro, NC)

Pro Debut- Sep 4, 2016

FSPW Debut- Sep 4, 2016

Trained By- LaBron Kozone

Signature move(s)- Where you goin? (Spinebuster), Spinning Back elbow

Finishing move(s)- Gate City Slam, Gate City Splash.

Championship(s)- Zone1 Platinum Championship (1)

The Gate City Guardian makes his entrance!
Zone1 Platinum Champion TDT
Where you goin James Ryan?
TDT & His biggest supporters!
TDT Fan Page- http://www.gatecitystrong.com/
From Gate City (Greensboro, NC) Tevin Dangerous Turner simply known as TDT is the 6th graduate of the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy. Tevin is also the 2nd man to ever hold the Zone1 Platinum Championship by defeating The Ivy League MVP Griff Garrison on Mothers Day 2017. TDT has defended his Zone1 championship all around Greensboro, NC as he was apart of Fire Star Pro Wrestling's 2017 Summer Recreation Tour. On a consistent basis TDT is working day in and out to one day be recognized as the best professional wrestler to come out of Greensboro, NC. TDT is known to the professional wrestling community for defying the limitations of being a "big man" in professional wrestling. At nearly 300 lbs, do not let his size fool you, we've seen him demonstrate amazing agility that men half his size can't even comprehend. Although the long road ahead, TDT plans to one day be apart of WWE!

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