Training School

TGA Moss
Nickname(s)- TGA, Greatness Personified 

Height- 6’0 

Weight- 215 lbs 

Hometown- Heights Unreachable 

Pro debut- January 2019

Trained By- LaBron Kozone

Signature Move(s)- Thin air ( Whip chord knee into Knee drop brain buster)

Finishing Move(s)- Brink of Greatness (double under hook. Lifted spin out kneckbreaker) 

Allied with- James Ryan, Jackson Drake, Maurice Moss, Sadie Lee Moss.

TGA (The Great Alexander) Moss is beyond and epitome. He is Greatness Personified. After graduating and making his pro debut after just less than a year of training, TGA has faced some of independents wrestling best offers. TGA thrives on climbing to the top of every challenge that he he is faced with. He is the current Firestar Pro Wrestling Southeastern Champion. His hybrid style of strength, agility and intelligence has led him to be a force to be reckoned with now and in the future.

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